Jedi Knight Galaxies is a competitive and innovative multiplayer shooter, played out in the Star Wars universe. Currently a full conversion mod, the project was originally based on and modified from Raven Software’s Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. Jedi Knight Galaxies is open source and available completely free of charge; however, you will need the original game in order to play. (Jedi Academy is frequently available on Steam and GoG during sales for less than $4). We aim to develop the project into a Large Multiplayer Online game, crossing traditional RPG (role playing game) elements with the fast paced excitement of an FPS (first person shooter).

The project will be released in phases, each building on to the previous one with more aspects of the final goal. The current Phase, JKG: Versus, was first released September 17th, 2012 as a public beta, showcasing the primary FPS elements of the game. Subsequent updates and versions have been produced since then. As development progresses, sandbox environments will be added, initial RPG elements will appear, and player vs. enemy combat will be implemented into the faction oriented gameplay. Improved dialog and cinematic features along with skills, powers, and more aspects that belong in a Role-Playing Game will be developed, set between the events of Episode IV: A New Hope and Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Finally, the full-fledged JKG: LMO takes the experience to a much grander level.

The game is a much loved hobby project supported by its community and developers who work on it in their freetime, contribution is encouraged and newbies are welcome. Originally founded by a group of Jedi Academy modders led by Jake (now retired), the project has since been in and out of development since 2008. The current development team comes from a variety of backgrounds, countries, and age, united by our desire to make a great game.

Welcome to Jedi Knight Galaxies, where we break the limits!


What is the game like?

Current gameplay is a Star Wars FPS shooter, with some alternative objectives (such as capture the flag). Earn credits by getting kills or completing objectives, then spend those credits on new equipment in the shop. Check out the gameplay video below which highlights some of the newer introduced features in v1.3.

Who develops JKG?

Jedi Knight Galaxies is a much loved hobby project created by developers who work on it in their freetime, with contributions from the community and volunteers. The current team and significant contributors can be found here.

How do I keep up to date with JKG?

There are a number of places to check other than this website. The easiest and most often updated is our Discord. Official announcements are also posted on the Forums. You can also find most of the game documentation, ideas, and roadmaps on the forums. If you're interested in the source code, you can find it on Github. We also have a ModDB, Twitch, and Facebook.

Where can I get JKG?

Visit the download section of the site here!

Is this a single player or multiplayer game?

Multiplayer. JKG will incorporate both solo and cooperative gameplay elements within a multiplayer environment as development proceeds; however, the current version of gameplay focuses on cooperative competitive multiplayer aspect. See below for a more detailed explanation of the game's vision and roadmap.

Can I beta-test JKG?

If you’ve downloaded the mod and tried it, you already are! But we will announce when we need testers for specific things when the need arises. We will usually announce this on the Discord when we need help, so come hang out with us there!

It seems hard to find other players online, where can I find a match?

Despite how great we think JKG is, we currently have a small, but broad following from many different regions in the world and it can sometimes be hard to find others to play with at the same time. That said, the developers often schedule community scrimmage match days to test out new features for upcoming releases or just to play for fun. These are announced on the Forums and in the Discord before they happen so you can set some time aside to play.

Other community members are also usually happy to play whenever they are given a chance, so if you feel like scheduling a match yourself let people know on Discord you want to play a match and they will usually join you for a game if they're around. Smoo is our official dev server administrator, and can usually help host a game server if one is not currently running.

You can also visit the server list to view real-time information about the current number of players, number of servers, which map is currently loaded etc.

What time period is JKG set in?

JKG is set in the time after Episode 3 and before Episode 6 at a currently vague date. Due to the presence of character models from base JKA it fits in around Episode 5 however the goal is to take place in and around the Dark Forces timeline, before Episode IV: A New Hope. JKG has its own canon to give ourselves creative freedom, but generally anything that occured in the Prequel Trilogy or Original Trilogy movies (1-6) is considered canon, other material official Disney canon, extended universe, or otherwise may or may not be included.

What are these 'Phases' I've heard about?

A long time ago, JKG was meant to be a JKA port-mod of Star Wars Galaxies (it was originally called JKA Galaxies). The project went through a lot of changes, and we decided we wanted to make a LMO (Large Multiplayer Online) RPG (Role-Playing Game) FPS (First Person Shooter) with our own storyline. This is sort of the same ultimate goal, but instead of waiting to release it all at once we have decided to stagger it out into four phases of release. These are very much subject to change, especially phases later than Versus. Our roadmap looks like this:

Phase 1: Versus (current iteration)

The goal here is to have a functioning arena based shooter (similar to games such as Call of Duty or Unreal Tournament) with the beginnings of some later RPG elements such as armor, pazaak card game, etc. There are two major milestones currently being worked on. Milestone 3 includes new features like better melee, armor, shields, jetpacks, debuff system etc. Milestone 4 primarily focuses on the all new saber system and related features such as duel mode. Later milestones will introduce the skill trees and a rudimentary system for spending xp in preparation for the eventual leveling system in Phase 2 and 3. In Milestone 5, the Force will be reworked and greatly expanded on using the aforementioned skill tree system. We are currently on v1.3.20 of this iteration.

Phase 2: Coop

The main features that are added here include the AI/NPC system and fleshing out of the dialogue system. They also include overhauls to the chat systems, fonts, UI, and more. Prep work for the leveling system and quest system to be introduced here. We may also attempt some MoBA like features (still needs discussion).

Phase 3: RPG

Open World RPG. The main features added here include quests, (more) minigames, and AI for existing minigames, like Pazaak. Also includes levelling up, experience, single person quests, large planet-themed maps, character creator, fully fleshed out skill system etc. This mode will mainly focus on implementing things from a single player's perspective. Data will be persistent and exist as long as the server is running.

Phase 4: LMO

Features to the main game include group quests, Looking For Group system, and a lot of the dungeons that were designed for Phase 2 brought back. Includes a master server based architecture and functioning account system. At this point, the game is pretty much done.
Later possible expansions: space battles, more worlds, additional minigames, etc.

What platforms will JKG be released on?

JKG is currently only supported on Windows; however, Linux and OSX builds are also available, but not as widely tested.

Is Jedi Academy required in order to play?

Yes. To play JKG, you will first need Jedi Academy installed. You will need to make sure you have v1.01 of Jedi Academy installed to ensure you have all the assets required.

If you don't already own the game you can buy it from online stores such as Steam, Amazon, or GOG. It frequently goes on sale for less than $4 USD and is still quite fun. There are also many many mods available for Jedi Academy that make it well worth purchasing for more than just JKG.

What are the minimum requirements of the mod?


I found a bug, how do I report it?

First, thanks for your interest in improving JKG. To report a bug or issue, first check the Github issues list to make sure it hasn't already been reported by someone else. If you don't see it, feel free to make a report on the Forums or in the #bug-reports-and-crashlogs channel of the Discord. Screenshots or video are especially helpful if you're having trouble explaining the bug. If you are a programmer and you've discovered the cause of the bug, you can also open an issue on Github explaining it in detail (or submit a pull request if you're super awesome and fixed it yourself).

What happened to jkgalaxies.com?

Unfortunately, the domain expired and was bought out by a domain name troll/cybersquatter before we could aquire it from the original owner, Jake. It is now marked up considerably and in the hands of a domain name retailer who has no intention of parting with it cheaply. The site also fell into disrepair prior to that point, due to the annoyance of updating it constantly (we used Wordpress back then) and dealing with constant bot attacks. At that point, the domain name expired.

What happened to the launcher?

Its development has been delayed until further notice while we work on the main game. We will probably bring it back at some point when we are ready. Unfortunately, it had quite a few bugs when initially released and its code base is now quite old and so we need to update it quite a bit before it can be used again. Additionally, it required large amounts of bandwidths to use that were not practical for our small team to support financially, which is the primary reason we stopped using it.

Why don't you make JKG in a new modern engine like Unreal 4?

First, understand that JKG is a hobby passion project and is not intended to be a professional, (as in you pay money for it, and we make a profit off of it) large industry game. This means we work on it, because we enjoy it, not because we expect it to become a massive AAA title or because we expect monetary compensation. We expect it to be a free, open source game.

Second, know that we love Star Wars and this is very much a fan project, as such we don't really want to divorce the IP (Star Wars) from the game and create our own IP so that we could do the above mentioned.

Third, know that the Star Wars IP is protected by powerful guardian lawyers paid very well by The Mouse and they have been known to shut down Star Wars mod projects that strayed too far away from the legal side of the law. Because Jedi Knight Galaxies is a mod released under the original Jedi Academy modding licensing, it remains under the protection of the law granted by the original Jedi Academy game.

Fourth, understand that switching engines is a lot of work and would set us back months or even years of development and we simply don't think it is worth doing. Especially since we have the full source code of Jedi Academy to work with and can literally add whatever we want, new renderers, physics engines, game mechanics, etc. with enough effort.

How do I sprint?

Simply hold down the shift key while moving to sprint. Sprinting will drain your stamina, so carefully manage it so you have enough left over in an emergency. Remember that other resources, such as jumping, melee and rolling also use stamina.

Where are the lightsabers?

JKG's lightsaber system is still under development, it will initially be released with v1.4.0. Until then, sabers are only available through debugging via the console. We don't recommend playing with them yet, they're very unstable.

I bought some special ammo in the shop (such as shotgun slugs) how do I use them?

If you have a weapon capable of firing the special ammo type, you can use the ammocycle command (+ammocycle, the default binding is to n) to toggle between ammo types.

How do I use a jetpack?

After purchasing a jetpack make sure it is equipped to your ACI (press i to open your inventory and assign it to an ACI slot if it isn't). Once equipped, you can press the use command (+use, the default binding is to e), while you are midair to activate it. Tap use again to deactivate the jetpack.

There are different types of jetpacks, for example, the cheapest (and most difficult to use) are 'burst' jetpacks, which rapidly burn through a small fuel tank to provide a 'burst' jump. While your jetpack is activated you can also hold down shift to engage the turbo. Keep in mind this burns fuel even faster than normal. Be warned, if your jetpack runs out of fuel it will shut off in mid air! Note: Most jetpacks cannot be activated while you are carrying the flag in CTF mode.

How do shields work?

After equipping a shield to your ACI (press i to open your inventory and assign it to an ACI slot if it isn't), your shield will start changing after its cooldown has expired. Some shields do not have a cool down. The shield bar (visible in the upper left corner of the UI), shows how strong your current shield is at the present moment. Shields will act as a scapegoat for your health for certain types of damage. If your shield is damaged, it will stop charging until the cooldown for the recharge resets. If your shield is completely overloaded with damage (reduced to 0), you will be vulnerable to damage until it begins recharging.

Blue damage plums appear if you are damaged and the shield does its job of protecting your hp from damage.